Kagetsu haru application

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Kagetsu haru application

Post by Alphabet Soup on Sat Jun 28, 2008 8:31 am

Name : Kagetsu haru

Age : 20

Gender : male

Village : ex-cloud village

Rank : Akatsuki
Looks : tall 6' 2" wears akatsuki uniform at all times. ring on his right thumb. carries a medium size katana on his back which he can push his lighting chakra into.

Personality : normally well composed and calm even in battle situations. though he can become enraged and starts going into a reckless abandon state

Clan : akatsuki organization

Unique Abilites : can compress his chakra in his body and then unleashe large amount from all parts of his body creating a thunderous boom and a blinding blue flash called the thunderclap

Elements : Fire&Lightning

Skills : weaponry and Ninjutsu

Jutsus : thunderclap-rank A-special ability
thunderfang-rank A---creates a current of electricity in the shape of a dragon which attacks the enemy
thunderbolt strike-rank B---10 bolts of lighting strike down from the sky. attracted to chakra.
cloud shroud-rank C---a cloud version of zabuza's mist.
chidori-rank B
grand dragon fireball-rank S
pheonix flower-rank C
dragon flame jutsu-rank B
body flicker-rank S
shadow clone- rank A
Past : he grew up in the hidden cloud village and mastered the acadmey jutsu at high speeds for his young age adn began learning advanced jutsu from his teacher who was an evil man. kagetsu bacame a jounin at the age of 17 and later left the village at 19 to persue a corupt course of world domination once his teacher was killed by the raikage.
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Re: Kagetsu haru application

Post by itachi uchiha on Sat Jun 28, 2008 8:34 am



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